Seasonal Fruits Trading In Singapore Increasing With Imports

Singapore is only a small island, but over time, it developed with a strong emotional idea to become one of the most modern cities in the world. Even recently, it took center stage by hosting the American President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong. In recent years, the famous fruits trading in Singapore continues to increase for making the availability of all fruits from all over the world.

It is essential to know which fruit to buy in each season of the year in Singapore. It will not only help in buying fresh and quality fruits but also at lower costs.  It will also help international travelers to find the right fruit as per their liking during their stay in Singapore. And importing many fruits from various parts of the world is the reason that fruit trading in Singapore is gaining importance

Singapore seasonal fruits

Durian – June to August

Known as the world’s smelliest snack, Durian is the local favorite. Some adore it, some like it, and even some distance from it, but once tasted, this fruit will give a lifelong memory of it.  It has a unique spiked outer appearance, but its glorious yellow and creamy flesh make it the king of fruits in Singapore.  There are more than 30 Durian fruits to choose from in Singapore, but whatever the type, Durian is good Durian for health stored with vital nutrients.

Avocado – December to August

Known as a miracle fruit, Avocado is a unique fruit with a lot of nutrients that are scientifically proven healthy for humans. Though costly, it is available in Singapore from December to August. It is imported from Australia and Mexico and loved by many health-conscious people in Singapore and among international travelers. An active component of olive oil,  avocado, is possible to grow in Singapore also in some organic farms.

Blueberry – June to August

The best time to buy blueberries in Singapore is from June to August.  At other times it is quite costlier, but still many people in Singapore and travelers prefer blueberry for its antioxidant and weight loss properties.

Dragon Fruit – June to November

Known locally as Pitaya, Dragon fruit is a superfood and available all through Southeast Asia. It has incredibly tasting white flesh that is also nutritious.

Mango – June to November

Mango with juicy yellow pulp inside will last in the memory for a long time. There are many varieties, and each one has its taste that will make anyone want more.

Jackfruit – April to September

If you are not worried about the exterior of jackfruit, it is tasty food with lots of minerals and helps to keep the blood pressure under check.

Rambutan – June to August

Chilled Rambutan flesh is a treat to not only the mouth but also to the soul.  Its succulent pulp tastes so good that it lingers in the mouth and heart for a long time.

Fruits trading in Singapore is flourishing every year to become one of the significant businesses for generating revenue and also keeping the people healthy.

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