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The fruit is nature’s candy, is a wise saying that is more relevant for today’s world. Singapore being the happiest place in Asia is famous for its fruits. With a population of less than six million, its fruit consumption is more than any other city in the world.  Hence, the importance of fruits’ distributor in Singapore is increasing every day.

Foreigners love Singapore as it is a food paradise.  People from any part of the world could enjoy their favorite native dishes from the posh restaurants to the roadside vendors.  Also, with the easy availability of fresh fruits anytime in Singapore, it makes the food complete with the highest nutrition.  The fast delivery of fresh fruits in Singapore is one of its pride that the foreigners most like about Singapore.

But some of Singapore’s lesser-known tropical fruits could be more delicious and nutritious for anyone. From the famous durian to lesser-known tamarind, the list is long for anyone when it comes to choosing fruits distributor in Singapore to enjoy these exotic fruits.  The following is a list of the secrets of such splendid fruits that everyone should have and be healthy and happy.

Joyful “Jambu”

This joyous Jambu fruit has a crisp watery texture along with a rose scent to taste better than it looks. The rosy red jambu fruit, which is luscious and curvy, makes anyone grab one and start to eat after just washing it without much fuss to swallow the whole fruit for joy and health.

Captivating “Chempedak”

Known locally as the durian jackfruit, it looks like jackfruit but smells and tastes like durian. To check if the fruit is ripe, sniff the fruit for its warm scent.   Then slit around it to tear it apart with both hands and to eat it right away. You can enjoy its scintillating smell and its firm pulp. Even its seeds taste like macadamia nuts if you boil them in saltwater until it gets soft to peel off the outer membrane and enjoy as a delicious and healthful snack.

Blissful “Buah Pulasan”

Buah Pulasan is a blissful fruit with the almond fragrance and with a superior taste that is matchless.  These dark red and thorny fruits are mostly mistaken for rambutan fruit as it has the same translucent flesh inside. Buah Pulasan, though not just juicy, is tasty, and even its seeds are delicious to eat.

Chicku aka Sapodilla

The sweet aroma of Sapodilla or locally called Chicku is so good that even the bats are attracted to flock it.  The soft flesh inside is divine to taste and has a lot of nutritional benefits.

Custard Apple

Custard apple is in the shape of an apple, with a broken exterior and has delicious white flesh in parts with tiny seeds inside each of it.  The white pulp is so tasty that anyone will surely want more of it.

Fruit distributors in Singapore make all the above lesser-known tropical fruits with great taste and with high nutrition readily available at affordable costs.

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