Nutritious Powerhouse Dole Banana: Taste The Delicious Fruit In Singapore

Singapore is a fruit crazy city, and it only grows every day with more emphasis on health by its citizens and of its international travelers.  Fruit sellers play a significant part in increasing fruit sales by delivering fruits at the doorsteps of all houses, offices, hotels, and everywhere in Singapore.  The ready availability of fruits in Singapore does not only make the people of Singapore happy and healthy but also visiting tourists from across the world. And one of the most common and cheap fruits but with the highest nutrients is the Dole banana in Singapore.

From time unknown bananas are the most relished food by apes from which human evolution occurred as per many theories. But even now, humans and apes love bananas, which are rich in many nutrients that even a costly fruit could not provide. Also, the availability of bananas across the world is comfortable and ready all the time.

As per records known details, bananas started growing some 10000 to 6500 BP or before present in New Guinea in Indonesia. From there, it has spread worldwide to nourish and save all humankind for a long time.  It is one of nature’s cheap but highly nutritious fruit, and in many countries like India, it is an offering to Gods during worship and prayers. The banana export in 2018 was 23.3 metric tonnes globally.  Dole bananas in Singapore are part of all fruit baskets offered online or for door delivery services.

Banana benefits

There are numerous benefits of banana which are suitable for the body and the wallet, and some of them include:

  • Bananas are available all through the year and with imports anywhere in the world now at affordable costs
  • Many researchers have confirmed that banana is one of the primary sources of energy and equal to or even better than sports drinks
  • Banana is good for digestion, prevents constipation, support immunity, synthesize essential vitamins, and hormones
  • Prevents diseases and hence avoids going to hospitals or ICU for surgeries
  • Stops suffering from chronic illnesses effects and even prevent such diseases along with proper diet
  • It is suitable for the gut to improve the good bacteria against the bad ones for various health benefits
  • It contains prebiotics that helps probiotics to create good bacteria.
  • Bananas with non-digestible carbohydrates and yogurt will be the right combination to enhance beneficial bacteria growth and keep the intestines healthy
  • An oxford study confirmed the old wives’ tale of eating bananas during conception helps in making male babies
  • Are high sources of Vitamin C and B6 apart from manganese and potassium
  • They are cholesterol-free, sodium-free, fat-free, but rich with dietary fiber
  • Even its skin can reduce the itchiness of a mosquito bite when scrubbing with the affected part of the body with the banana skin

On average most Singapore people consume more than 10 kilograms of Dole banana in Singapore as it is a nutritional powerhouse and a household name which is every day.

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