Good Reasons to buy and eat Avocado

Good for your health, slimming ally, appetite suppressant… the avocado has significant nutritional benefits.

If, like me, you feel guilty about the amount of calories you consume while finishing a whole bowl of guacamole, it’s your lucky day. Because here is a list of reasons why you should buy and eat avocados. Avocado is a perfect food for weight loss.

Admittedly, with 322 calories and 29 grams of fat on the counter, the avocado remains 10 to 20 times higher in fat than any other product in the same nutritional category. Its advantage lies in the monounsaturated fatty acids it contains, which earn it the title of health ally. Indeed, these acids reduce cholesterol levels, soothe the feeling of hunger and reduce fat in the stomach. So the next time you organize a guacamole party, post the following list on the wall of your living room:

1- Avocado contains good fats
Avocado’s monounsaturated fatty acids play an important role in lowering bad cholesterol levels. It therefore plays a positive role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

2- Avocado oil burns abdominal fat
Varying your cooking oils by using avocado oil would reduce abdominal fat and, at the same time, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, which is responsible for weight gain.

3 – Avocado boosts the properties of other foods
Adding a few slices of avocado to a salad allows your body to absorb three to five times more carotenoids, pigments found in some plants, rich in provitamin A and antioxidants.

4 – Avocado is a fighter
Mexican researchers have found that oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids helps the body to regulate itself and function more efficiently. These benefits are similar to those of a Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, whose nutrients are similar to those of avocado.

5- Avocado is an excellent appetite suppressant
Eating half a fresh avocado at lunch time would reduce the feeling of hunger by 40% for hours.

6- Avocado helps you to eat healthier
People who regularly consume avocados have a lower body mass index, but also tend to eat more fruit, vegetables, fibre and vitamin K.

7- Avocado regulates your sugar level
Rich in vitamin K, avocado reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Mixing vegetables with your fresh avocado allows you to get plenty of minerals and vitamins.

8 – Avocado gives you energy
Are you used to taking energy supplements before going to the gym? Know that the lawyer gives you the same help, in a natural way. So add a few slices of this magical fruit to your lunch menu, and enjoy it during the sports session!

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