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Called the king of fruits, Durian looks like a large green rugby ball, adorned with spikes. This is probably Singapore’s most famous fruit, famous for its… smell. Underneath its shell of green tips are the yellow flesh that are eaten. Those who go through the first ebb and flow, up to the tasting, find a melting flesh with a very strong taste. For this king of fruits, there are many applications for this king of fruits, ranging from Durian jam to filled chocolate.

It is quite pretty with its green ears and pink complexion. The inside is a melting white flesh with small black spots.

A lychee with long hair. Indeed, the rambutan has all the characteristics of a lychee.

Yummy, here is a fruit that has everything for him: the taste is exquisite, the flesh is a call to the mouth and the juice is sweet. Mango can therefore be enjoyed without moderation.

Its fruits generally weigh between 3 and 25 kg, the record being 50 kg. The flesh of the ripe fruit has a strong and sweet smell and a beautiful orange colour. Its texture and its taste is very sweet.

Juicy, sweet, fragrant and tasty. Pure delight, the mangosteen is nicknamed “the queen of fruits” (would it be the wife of Durian?). They should be chosen as soft as possible, because if the shell is hard, it is impossible to open it. It is of a “cold” temperament according to the concept of Chinese medicine and rich in carbohydrates.

Very appreciated by Asians, the taste of guava is subtle, even if some consider it bland. It is consumed alone as a fruit or salad in the famous “rojak”. The pulp of the fruit is fragrant, and can be pink or white in colour. Some prefer it crunchy, others like it ripe and therefore softer. It is often sprinkled with prune powder as it is tasted to enhance its taste, and it is delicious. Choose a soft enough guava with a soft green color, it will be sweeter.

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