Discover a Variety of Singapore Kyoho Grapes [Wine Grape Variety]

Singapore kyoho grapes, highly acclaimed, are made from the wine grape variety. A variety with slippery skin, its thick, deep purple skin is very tannic and is not traditionally eaten. The huge fruit jewel of the singapore kyoho grapes, however, is very sweet and often complemented by a refreshing acidity. Singapore kyoho grapes have a season and are only available from early summer to mid-autumn. Highly nutritious in vitamin C and dietary fibre, singapore kyoho grapes are also cholesterol-free, low in fat and sodium.

Discover this list of singapore kyoho grapes :

– Pione Raisins

Pione Raisins is a relatively new grape variety, grown especially on rough terrain and in mild climates with an airy style in Singapore. The ideal growing climates and superb craftsmanship in the Singapore regions provide grapes with very high fruit sugar content.

A variety with slippery skin, these singapore kyoho grapes are easy to peel and their thick skin is not traditionally consumed. Known as the queen of grapes, Pione’s premium black pearl has an exquisite and intense grape fragrance.

– Delaware

Delaware, these singapore kyoho grapes are specially grown with domestic heating. The small gem is easily removed from the skin and has a characteristic taste of grape candy. Sweet and tasty, it is one of the favourites of children and adults alike. Known as Champagne Grapes, Delaware Grapes are commonly used to make ice wines and sparkling wines.

King Delaware Grapes

King Delaware Grapes is famous as the king of Champagne grapes because of its exclusively large size and intense flavor. With a texture that looks like gummy candy, this kyoho grapes singapore is sweeter than its smaller counterpart and is best enjoyed slightly fresh.

– Seto Giant

Seto Giant is a seedless grape cluster of dazzling green and great beauty, often appreciated whole with its skin. High-tech cultivation techniques and ice temperature storage ensure the best astringent juice and syrup signatures.

– Suiho Grapes

Suiho Raisins, a prestigious grape variety made from the Pione and Centennial grape varieties. Its coarse grain and seedless nature, with crushing honeyed flavour characteristics, make this type of berry an exclusive product. It is often a precious gift for loved ones in Singapore.

– Momotaro Grapes

Momotaro Raisins is a new grape breed with a much higher sugar content and crunchiness. This singapore kyoho grapes is very similar to a Momotaro tomato with a fine line on the grape. The seedless jade cluster, which can therefore be consumed as a whole, is very popular among children.

– Shine Muscat

Muscat Brillant is a recently registered premium grape variety. This singapore kyoho grapes is grown specially in greenhouses with high-tech cultivation methods, the most interesting thing is that the grape vines are grown along a shelf. Irregular climatic conditions and a long harvest time (3 years for the vine to be ready to harvest) make Muscat Brillant a fairly exclusive grape variety. More than just a glance, Shine muscatel grapes have a sweet texture that has seduced many grape lovers.

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