Costly Premium Japanese Fruits In Singapore Worth Every Dollar

Singapore is an international city that attracts tourists from around the world.  A small island of fewer than 6 million people of various cultures bring together the best in the world is because of their hard work and hospitality.  It is why Singapore fruit traders import fruits from all over the world for not only international tourists but also the health-conscious Singapore people. Premium Japanese fruits in Singapore are one such example.

Food is medicine is an old saying, and fruits are the food’s primary ingredient that makes it the right medication for any treatment.  Fruits may not fight disease, but their absence will surely cause disease, which is one of the essential scientific findings that the Singapore people know well.  It is a reason that apart from available tropical fruits, they import many fruits from even far off countries to keep their citizens healthy and also to satisfy the international travelers who visit in enormous numbers every year to Singapore.

Japanese fruits may seem costly, but perfection always comes with a cost.  And that too nature’s perfect gift to humans, the fruits in Japan are the costliest in Singapore.  But also with the most health benefits as they are not only tasty but also have more of the superior nutrients than any other fruits. Hence, there is a demand for premium Japanese fruits in Singapore all the time.

Japanese juicy fruits in Singapore

There are many Japanese fruits available in Singapore to not only make its citizens avail their benefits but also to cater to international tourists, including Japanese who visit Singapore. Some famous Japanese fruits available in Singapore include:

Ruby Roman grapes

It is the world’s most expensive grape, and each grape is the size of a ping-pong ball.  They have 18 % sugar content and weigh 20 grams each and are available in the boxes.

Square watermelon

Though known as a square watermelon, they are cubic and developed by the Japanese from the 1970s for easy storing and shipping them to Singapore.


Though it looks like an orange, it is expensive and also a hybrid of two citrus fruits engineered by the Japanese during the 1970s.  It is also larger and sweeter than the oranges.

White Peach

Known in Japanese as Okayama, Hakuto is with a white porcelain flesh, which is soft to give a mellow sweet taste. It is succulent and has subtle velvetiness on touching its outer skin.

Pione Grapes

These thick-skinned grapes with deep purple color are both mildly sour and sweet. They have a distinct odor like that of a le grape soda flavor or distinctive Kyoto grape flavor.

Yubari King Melons

One of the costliest Japanese fruit, these Yubari King melons, are highly raved for its sweetness.  For many people eating it is only a dream come true both in financial and taste-wise.

White Strawberry

Known as the White Jewel, it is one of the rare strawberry varieties out of many of them available in Japan. It is more significant than pineberry and also has softer skin and juiciness along with excess sugar content.  Though they do not have any artificial chemical, they have a natural chemical called anthocyanin that gives the color to this white jewel.

Premium Japanese fruits in Strawberry are sure costly but also tasty and used mainly for gifting purposes as it is custom in Japan.

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