Coconut health benefits and uses

Coconut health benefits and uses
It is an exotic fruit that has undeniable benefits to the point where Singapore coconut suppliers have made it their core business.

Dried or fresh, in cube or petal, water or coconut milk. You will find it in all its forms. Today the coconut is making its revolution. Coconut has become the essential product of life, and has invaded our lives. Coconut is eaten in its raw state or can be used in your health recipes.

• What are the benefits of coconut?
Coconut is rich in nutrients such as iron, a 100g serving of coconut meat contains 13% of the recommended daily intake. The absorption of this iron is more difficult to assimilate than that contained in food of animal origin. In order to maximize absorption, eat it with foods rich in vitamin C. Iron regulates the human body and maintains our immune system. Coconut also contains fibres that stimulate intestinal transit.

Coconut has revitalizing, thirst-quenching, antioxidant and toning properties. It is advisable to eat coconut reasonably and in good quantity in order to limit the consumption of fats.

• Why adopt coconut?
– Coconut provides a feeling of satiety
Coconut is a tasty healthy snack that provides a feeling of satiety and helps to make us hungry. It contains dietary fibre to prevent constipation and satisfy the appetite.

– Coconut facilitates digestion
Thanks to the fatty acids it contains: triglyceride and lauric acid. A 100g serving of coconut meat contains 354 calories, 15g carbohydrates, 3.3g protein and 33g fat. Coconut can replace energy drinks after moderate physical effort. After moderate physical effort, you can hydrate with coconut water. This water must be in its natural state to fill up with sodium and potassium that you eliminate during physical effort.

– Coconut helps to have perfect skin
Coconut oil moisturizes and softens the skin. It helps to fight wrinkles, remove make-up and heal wounds. It is a powerful antibacterial because coconut oil contains lauric acid which controls the growth of bacteria.
It is a fruit full of nutrients and has energy benefits. Coconut water is a natural isotonic drink that helps to hydrate and reduce swelling of the ankles.

• Simple recipe ideas based on coconut:

– The tropical smoothie
In a blender, add your coconut milk, multivitamin juice, fresh fruits such as dried mango, passion fruit and a banana. Mix the mixture and add ice cubes to make a very refreshing smoothie. To add crunch to your smoothie, add a few coconut petals.

– Exotic rice with coconut and lime
In a saucepan, cook your basmati rice in vegetable stock and add your coconut milk. Before serving your rice, add a drizzle of lime juice and grate a little ginger.

– Tropical salad
Cut a red pepper and chives into julienne strips. Then dice a whole mango. Add grated ginger and chopped basil and chives to your mixture. Add an exotic sauce to your salad made with coconut milk, salt and pepper and a drizzle of lime juice. To add crunch to your salad, add California almonds, cashews or chia seeds or coconut-curry mix.

– Coconut Chicken Curry
Marinate your meat with coconut milk and curry spices. Sauté onions on a frying pan and receive your chicken. Add tomatoes and your coconut and curry sauce and cashews. Leave to cook for about 25 minutes over a low heat. To finish the meal gently, let yourself be tempted by the soft coconut cubes.

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