Be Active At Work With Fresh Fruits For Office In Singapore

Fresh fruits from time unknown are known for their natural health benefits and are the first and best choice of food for humankind.  Singapore is one place in the world that supplies the best fresh fruits from all over the world to its people at home and their offices. It is a reason that fresh fruits for offices in Singapore have become a thriving business for a long time now.

Gone are the days of eating unhealthy snacks during break-time in offices.  Not only it causes immediate gastric and other discomforts but it is also the cause of a lot of chronic ailments.  Hence the productivity of the office gets reduced, sales decrease, profits decline, and development becomes hard to achieve. Also, not eating anything during the long working hours either to save money or to not eat unhealthy snacks also causes a problem.  Many employees have headaches, body pain, lack of concentration, and many more such issues. Hence, fresh fruits for office in Singapore are gaining in strength to make the employees active and healthy for the practical challenges to overcome them with ease and comfort.

Stats to improve the health of employees

Unhealthy employees mean unengaged employees who cause drag in productivity, innovation, and the motivation to improve or develop the company. The following are some of the statistics of Gallup, the world-famous statistical analytic company on the employees’ health impact on organizations

  • Healthy employees increase 21 % in productivity
  • Unhealthy employees cost billions worldwide with less engagement and less productivity
  • 61 % of the employees are exhausted or burned out during working hours
  • 89 % of employees are proud of their company that take care of their health
  • 61 % of employees agree that they have changed their lifestyle due to the health practices of their employers

Benefits of fresh fruits in the office

Even before Gallup found these statistics, many offices in Singapore have found that by giving healthy fruits to their employees, they can increase productivity. It is not only on the monetary gains that these employers provide fruits for their employees but also to keep them healthy in the long run to develop the company and also develop with it.

Advantages of having fruits in the office

 Having fruits in the office have many advantages for not only the employees and employers but also to the total working environment. There will be better engagement and happiness that makes work interesting than a boring routine for many of the employees. Some other advantages include:

  • It avoids eating unhealthy trans foods, packaged snacks, sugary drinks, and many others that cause short term and long term health hazards
  • Increases the immunity of the employees against any antibody attack
  • Heightens awareness to work with clarity and with diligence
  • Improves healthy body movements and reflexes to be safe in the office and transit from and to office

Hence, having fresh fruits for office in Singapore is the best way to work happily and stay healthy without any diseases.

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