• The Singapore Fruit Buffet Based On Avocado

    In salty but also sweet recipes, in salads, in verrines, in desserts or in dishes, the avocado lends itself to many easy and tasty recipes. Discover here our recipe ideas for cooking fruit as well as our tips for choosing and storing it properly. Discover here the singapore fruit buffet made with avocado. On the dietary side…. Thanks to the presence of vitamins C, E and monounsaturated fatty acids, it protects you against cardiovascular diseases. But it is also caloric with 138 kcal per 100 g: so eat it in light. Take your guests on a trip to the Caribbean with this fresh, light and very easy to prepare salad…

  • Fruit distributors in Singapore

    In Singapore, although retail sales of fruit and vegetables increased slightly due to higher consumer prices, the sector’s activity is maintained by Singapore’s Fruit distributors. Several factors come to play in regards to singapore Fruits distributors: – changing consumption patterns: consumers are increasingly in favour of ready-to-eat products, boosting sales of frozen and appertized fruit at the expense of fresh products. Despite these difficulties, singapore fruits distributors enjoy a good image among consumers who are increasingly concerned about their dietary balance. In addition, the fruit and vegetable sector continues its awareness-raising campaign with information campaigns (“Consume 10 different fresh fruits and vegetables per day”). – Trends Thanks to the growing…

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